tote bag coton solidaire YVA Océan Indien
tote bag coton solidaire YVA Océan Indientote bag coton solidaire YVA Océan Indien

Sustainable tote bag YVA


With its practical size and chic material, it won’t leave you anymore!
100% thick traditional Indian cotton (Khadi)
Size: 40 cm (W) x 31 cm (H), handles 26 cm

Handmade in India


Product Description


The story of our sustainable tote bag 

Yvana, our founder is of Indian origin. It is important to her to share the magnificent know-how of traditional Indian artisans and to support them, on her scale, because their living conditions are sometimes very difficult.

That is why she decided to look for a Franco-Indian association with which she could collaborate and establish a long-term partnership. That would be a nice way to represent her dual culture.

She then met Marie, from Namaste association, and discovered their beautiful project with the Deepa workshop: the Beautiful Bags.

The Deepa workshop is part of the Belaku trust programme which works for the health, social and economic development of the villages of the Belaku district, a very poor rural area at about 100 kilometres in the south from Bangalore.
Deepa is a craft workshop for sewing and textile printing. It employs a dozen of women who wanted to be trained and have an income. This work allows them to get financial independence and share good times with the other women of the workshop.

The tote Bag YVA was born 🙂

The purchase of this tote bag is a gesture of solidarity that will allow us to continue to support this magnificent craft work and to ensure fair compensation for the artisans of the Deepa workshop.

Thank you for your help !



fabrication tote bag solidaire artisanal inde


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