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Sleeping mask RÊVES


The mask REVES provides a feeling of well-being to the face and helps to find sleep more easily.
It is kept on the face gently and ensures maximum comfort.
Accompanied by its matching storage pouch, it will be your stylish travel companion.

Handmade in India


Product Description


Dimensions mask: 18cm x 8,2cm
Composition: 80% Tussah silk and 20% pure cotton (exterior), 100% pure cotton (intérior)
Inside lining: soft felt
Pouch dimensions : 11.5cm x 12.5cm
Handmade in India.
Ethical and sustainable.

Each piece is unique, made by hand. It is therefore possible to find some irregularities.


Tussah silk: silk of Indian origin, it is also called “wild silk”
and has the particularity of being durable and very resistant. Its texture gives it a natural charm.




Brings a well-being sensation and immediate appeasement.
Facilitates rest of the mind and falling asleep.
Comfortable and sustainable alternative to disposable classic sleeping masks.


The story of the mask REVES

Yvana, founder of YVA Océan Indien, is always looking for partnerships that give meaning to the products she imagines.

This time, it is during her last trip to Pondicherry, in South India, that she meets the members of the KYNAROU association: Radja, Lourdes (the tailor that made all the masks 🙂 ), Venkatensan and Vaidhegi as well as Sophie ! 
They study together the manufacture of sleeping masks (and washable cotton remover pads) with the aim of a sustainable beauty. After the choice of tissues, and some tests, the prototypes are validated.

For this first collaboration, Yvana imagines a limited edition to highlight its artisanal and authentic character.
For Kynarou, it is also a first, since their sewing project is at its beginning and Lourdes is currently the only tailor of the workshop. Their project is to develop this workshop by hiring several women and training them in the textile trades so that they can be independent and have a long-term professional activity.

To find out more about the KYNAROU association, whose main mission is to realize development aid projects, in particular through the establishment of sustainable access to drinking water, hygiene and health in disadvantaged villages, it’s here.

Hoping that this mask will bring you as much well-being as we enjoyed doing it all together.

So that it may take you into your most beautiful dreams and fulfill our dreams of a fairer and healthier world.



l'atelier KYNAROU masque de sommeil

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